A blank canvas where to apply your style.

Escenas was created to express Sancal’s catalogue versatility. Escenas is an expositive proposal that understands Sancal’s products as a Blank canvas, where to apply different styles.

As a part of STUDIO SANCAL, we designed this sand for Habitat exhibition, in Valencia 2022. The space showcased 4 scenes with very different and inspiring styles.

Pop scene

An explosion of color and geometries for the most playful scene. Here we rethink the traditional concept of a living space and show a fresh, informal alternative that, as well as being inhabited, it is enjoyed. Use of experimental furniture and color also understood as a plastic element.

Neo Modern scene

Mid-twentieth century modernity inspires the most sophisticated scene. Glamorous reminiscences for this living room that is a formal homage to the mid-century aesthetic, reinterpreted through an unexpected color palette and new icons. Neutral, earthy tones enhance its timeless character. However, shades of vibrant green and blue notes, create fresh, chromatic contrasts. The selection of furniture is characterized by its solemnity, reinforced by the exquisite and exuberant finishes. The pleasure of living understood as luxury.

Folk scene

It is an eclectic scene that incorporates ethnic elements and emphasizes the materiality and tactility of the furniture through textures, fabrics and finishes. The palette, based on earthy colors with touches of green and desaturated shades, brings sobriety to a timeless environment. In this fluid and full of character space, the most contemporary pieces show a natural aesthetic that brings tradition to the present.

Tech scene

We revisit the future as a guiding line for a scene inspired by industrial environments. Metal finishings and neutral colors for an almost bare atmosphere; although it may seem distant, even cold, it is actually calm. The subtle counterpoint of the decorative elements makes it warmer and more comfortable. Clean and minimal, the living room is conceived as an open, bright space.

Project developed being a part of Sancal studio, with Elena and Esther Castaño as heads of the creative department.


Interior design




María Mira


Valencia, Spain - 2022