Revisiting the 70’s.

A stand inspired in 1973, the year SANCAL was born.

Creativity and experimentation defined the 70s and its aesthetic excesses. Audacious saturated colours, expressive prints, infinite patterns and warm textures. As a part of the STUDIO SANCAL, we designed this Sancal Stand at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2023 staging the soul of 70’s renovated and reinterpreted in a new vision.

The scenographies were inspired by the trends of an eclectic and prolific era that sparkled in terms of design. Sancal products are integrated with simplicity and very naturally in the 4 scenes that have been seen in Milan: a sober meeting room, a fun lounge area, the elegance of a family room or the most glamorous space.

Project developed being a part of Sancal studio, with Elena and Esther Castaño as heads of the creative department.


Interior design




Milan, Italy - 2023