Diners, let’s be curious!

Crockery design project for Quique Dacosta chef, to enhance the dish concept making the diners take an active part of the gastronomic experience.

We aim to enhance Quique Dacosta’s concept of the iconic dish "The animated forest”, which represents a mediterranean forest with its textures, shapes and flavors. We wanted to reinforce the concept through the creation of an experience around the dish.

When diners get into the restaurant, they find golden plated dish covers on their tables. Each dish cover has a keyhole to arise diner’s curiosity.

When commensals look through the hole, they can witness a theatrical scene of a forest, that is being illuminated by a led lamp, simulating sun rays passing between the leaves of the trees of a Mediterranean forest. Then the spectator can get the feeling of being inside this tiny forest, and seeing sun beams go across the trees, in a very magical way.

Not only can the diners experience the mediterranean forest in the dish visually and through taste, but by feeling like a part of it as well. Becoming part of a forest, full of life, flavor and light.


Product design


Alfonso Calza


Denia, Spain - 2014