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Mediterranean flavour

Project: Interior design. Developed at MASQUESPACIO
Client: Solera
Luis Beltrán
Location: Cologne, Germany-2016
Interior design for SOLERA, a Spanish products supermarket in Cologne, Germany.
This project was developed in search of a touch of Mediterranean emotion, mixed with functional features necessary for this type of businesses.
We wanted to move away from the traditional supermarket concept and create a functional, but also funny space to shop and walk, with a mediterranean touch that transport you to a Spanish typical market.
We used the patterns of the brand as guide, adding on every moment a touch of emotion to the interior design, transmitting Spanish happiness.
The predominating black color offers seriousness, contrasted with several ‘happy’ colors that remind to Spain, without converting themselves in typical Spanish topics. Other elements make us think about Andalucía (Solera’s owner procedence) like the grids with ornaments, as well as the awnings and typical Mediterranean tiles.