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Pill Pouff

A pill to cure the lack of color.

Project: Product design and Art direction
Photography: Alfredo Rondón
Location: Valencia, Spain-2018
Project: Product design and Art direction
Delicacy, creativity and fun (it’s fringes will never stop moving and dancing).
A sophisticated seat design was wanted, but also one very comercial and funcional one.
We decided  to explore the Houtique’s huge color velvet palette.
With this we designed these two stools with simple geometric shapes, to let velvet and fringes be the main character.
We mixed velvet and  fringes to achieve a very emotional design, one that remainds us of old grandma’s armchairs.
So we create these two Neo-artdecó style pouffs able to fit a in very wide range of places while also filling them with color and good vives.
Features: Neo-artdecó style pouff. Velvet upholstery and 30cm fringes.