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Houtique’s dimension in Maison&Objet

Project: Stand design
Location: Maison & Objet, Paris, France-2018
A window to another dimension, full of retro vibes, delicate shapes and good mood.
This Stand was designed for  Houtique brand. The brand was pretty young and this was one of its first fairs, Maison & Objet, Paris 2018. Here we wanted to introduce the brand to everybody through an experience, and make them remember it.
Houtique is genuine, shameless and peculiar. So we wanted to move every visitor to the “Houtique’s dimension”.
We used a monochrome pink color to achieve an uncommon atmosphere. We used windows as dimensionality analogy and at the top, The Wink lamp fringes, were being moved by little fans, creating a “wind” feeling.